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ERE Hydroelectricity Co. and ERE Electricity Co. were sold to ENERJISA as at May 2007.

One DVOR system was installed to Adnan Menderes Airport in October 2006 in accordance with contract signed in September 2005.The Preliminary Acceptance is signed on January 2007.




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ERE, celebrating its 44th year today, started its activities in 1975 with engineering. Being consumer market oriented, ERE has expanded into telecommunications, defense, energy and automotive sectors by founding firms operating successfully in today's competitive business world.

ERE as one of Turkey’s biggest telecommunications contractors until 1996, and having successfully fullfilled various contracts, has become one of the leading Telecom Operator Companies in Turkey. Starting its operator business with the satellite ground station located in Ankara, established with a revenue sharing model in 1996, ERE has been part of the privatization and liberalization efforts in the Telecommunication Industry in Turkey in the early 2000’s. One of its group companies ESER, has acquired from the Telecommunications Authority of Turkey its “Internet Service Provider and Satellite Operator Services” license in February 2002, and its “Type A Long Distance Telephone Operator” license at 17 May 2004. With over 35 years of industry experience and its specialized and Turkey’s most experienced management team, Eser Telekom is continuing its business at its Ankara Headquartes and Istanbul branch office. With its strength on interpreting the dynamics of national and international Telecomunications Industry, providing appropriate solutions and services, its experience on international networks, and being one of Turkey’s most reliable operators, Eser Telekom currently is providing services for;

• Satellite communication

• International traffic carriage

• Internet service provider

• Mobile value added services

Similarly, following deregulation in 1980s, ERE, took its place as Investor-Operator in the Turkish energy sector, a keystone in the country’s economic future. Energy investments initiated by Sucati Dam and HEPP project, has continued with projects developed by Generation Licences under free electricity market structure. The first project with Generation License, Birkapili HEPP has been completed in a short period of time,just in 28 months, and commenced operation in March 2004. Secondly,Generation Licences for 40 years were obtained from Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) on October 2nd, 2003 for Gazipasa Energy Group and the duration of Licences were modified as 49 years by EMRA in August 31,2006. Gazipasa Energy Group Project was totally comissioned in November,2006 and commercial operation started. Finally,for Kandil Energy Group , with installed power of 308.6 MW, Generation Licences for 49 years were issued by EMRA on 09/03/2006.

ERE Hydroelectricity Co. and ERE Electricity Co., owning these power plants and licences, were sold to ENERJISA as at May 2007. ERE keeps working in the energy market with its new companies and projects.

Cooperating with international firms and establishing pleasent business relations, ERE has become a reputable and prestigious firm in both domestic and international market.

The overarching corporate policy in all our turn-key and operating contracts demands the use of modern management techniques, top-quality material and workmanship, and timely completion. Our mission is to perform in accordance with applicable national and international regulations, achieve employer/customer satisfaction and thus continue our success.

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